AEO Service

Brazilian Program for Authorized Economic Operatormeet the services offered by ATS

The Brazilian Program for Authorized Economic Operator, established by the Federal Revenue of Brazil, through the publication of Instruction 1521, of 4 December 2014, ensures the logistics chain operator:

  • Accelerate cargo release, reduce transit time and lower storage costs
  • Enjoyment of the advantages and benefits of the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs);
  • direct communication channel with the RFB to answer questions and solve problems related to the OAS Program;
  • Reduced percentage of loads selected for conferencing channels on the export and, when selected, priority processing;
  • Parameter immediately after registration of the export declaration, with no need to wait for the formation of lots;
  • Among other benefits.

The ATS has a specialized team certification procedures and provides all necessary support to ensure that your company meets the safety requirements established by the Brazilian Program OAS.

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