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Highly trained professionals!

ATS team consists of experts in quality audit procedures and AVSEC training, which will handle well all your demands.

We work continuously on understanding the experience of our employees and in our strong focus on working together to find new and unique ways to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, we are able to offer an exceptional and extensive know-how to meet your current and future needs.

ATS Instructors are highly motivated and qualified with many years of experience in quality management, flight operations and operational security. They have an extensive experience in training, consulting and auditing worldwide and they will support you through a high quality and personalized service, which will take you to the road to success.


We provide services that are characterized by their quality.

Quality control

ATS offers all services related to the Quality Control Program AVSEC like: Audits, Reviews and Inspections to always maintain the standard of quality airlines or airports .

Consultancy and Advice

We provide advisory and aviation advisory services, and the development and implementation of manuals on Civil Aviation Safety against Acts of Unlawful Interference.

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AVSEC Management

ATS AVSEC has a team of highly trained professionals to represent and manage the AVSEC processes of your company..



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